Inexpensive Strategies to Earn Top Dollar on Your Northern Virginia Home

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You should be able to showcase your home in the best light inexpensively. As an experienced real estate agent, I help several clients earn top dollar on home sales. Sometimes, I encounter sellers who have equity in their homes, but don’t necessarily have the funds to make certain repairs. Some people don’t have equity at all! Either way, I have some simple strategies to help you earn top dollar in Northern Virginia regardless.

  • Paint. Painting a fresh coat on your home adds curb appeal when buyers walk through your doors. It appeals to that emotion which makes a person act on a decision. You want to grab them with their first impression.
  • Clean or replace carpet. You want the carpet to look fresh and polished. It adds tremendous value.
  • Declutter. Reduce the amount of furniture. Lock up valuables. Remove the clutter on surfaces in rooms. Make those surfaces shine! You’re moving out anyway.
  • Clean up. Clean baseboards. Replace light bulbs. Make sure toilet paper rolls are full. Make it comfortable and friendly to prospective buyers.
  • Delay improvements until closing. There’s a way to do this easily. For example, if you need to invest in a new appliance, you can put it on a credit card if you have equity. Ask your agent about contractors. Perhaps your Realtor might know contractors personally or have done business with them in the past. Maybe they do painting or carpeting.
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