Why Does Selling in the Winter Make Sense?

The winter is actually not a bad time to sell your home. There are more serious buyers and fewer homes for you to compete against.

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I have been getting calls almost every day from home sellers asking me if they should sell their home during the fall and winter months or wait until spring. To help you make your decision, let’s look at one of the most important factors that determine whether it’s a good time to sell: inventory.

Inventory in real estate is like inventory in any other market. When supply goes down, demand goes up. In the fall and winter real estate markets, it’s true that demand dwindles this time of year. However, supply dwindles as well. Although there is less activity overall, the market is just as strong. This makes winter a great time to sell.
The current buyers in the market are more serious.
Homes sell faster in the winter than they do during other times of the year as well. You have more serious buyers at this time who aren’t just out looking at homes because it's nice out. The buyers in this market are braving the cold weather to see homes, so you can bet they want to get a deal done.

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