Can Staging Increase Your Home’s Profit?

One question I'm frequently asked is whether home sellers should stage their home. I'll explain my answer in detail today.

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When you sell your house, should you stage it?

Painting and carpet will be the cheapest bang for your buck when getting your home ready to sell, but I absolutely recommend staging your home. 

Have you ever been to a new home builder? Notice how they've staged their model homes. Why? Their business is to build a lot of homes and sell them for as much money as possible. If a builder that sells hundreds of homes a year stages their properties, shouldn't you too?
In real estate, logic makes you think, but emotion makes you act.
Logical people tend to get freaked out about staging and consider it a waste of money. In real estate, though, logic makes you think, but emotion makes you act. You want a buyer to act and make a great offer on your home to get you the highest profit.

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